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February 18th, 2024 - LIVE ONLINE ZOOM EXCLUSIVE

(PACIFIC - 9am-12pm / MTN - 10am-1pm / CEN -11am-2pm / EST 12-3PM)


New to growing SACRED mushrooms or cultivating and need a HUGE improvement overnight? Did you order some supplies or a kit online and need a boost? Invite best-selling author, Tradd Cotter, right into your home via ZOOM for this exclusive 3 hour online course that covers the fundamentals of home cultivation (indoors and outdoors) using syringes, bags and monotubs from online suppliers, mindset and behavior of fungi to improve yields,  and much more! This LIVE zoom session allows you to ask questions and interact as a group, view slides and videos as well as demos, right from the comfort and convenience of your home!


This class is a 3 hour class that starts at 4PM MTN time and ends at 7PM MTN on December 28TH 2023. This session is not recorded and attendees will not be allowed to record the session. Supplies and sources documents will be sent via email to help growers find what they need to get started safely!

(PACIFIC - 3-6pm / MTN - 4-7pm / CEN -5-8pm / EST 6-9PM)


For learning how to make a laminar flow hood, advanced sterile tissue culture, and commercial production see our Advanced Class on Sacred Mushrooms.

Cultivating Sacred Mushrooms for Personal Use - ONLINE ZOOM - February 18, 2024

$100.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
  • 3-4 hour intensive ZOOM course covers all aspects of SACRED mushroom cultivation biology and methods for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Includes growing mushrooms on wood chips, straw, compost, and agricultural waste. Covers many species of SACRED fungi, strain selection, and optimizing your yields on a small scale FOR PERSONAL USE.

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