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Enter the New Paradigm of your Existence

Welcome the Transformation that you Deserve


Safe and Legal Psilocybin Assisted Psychotherapy

The Blue Portal is a Psilocybin-assisted therapy experience in a safe and legal setting in Jamaica and Costa Rica that is like no other. Founded by best-selling author and mushroom expert Tradd Cotter and overseen by lead therapist and facilitator Irene Dubin, the Blue Portal is a path taken for a variety of reasons, from depression to artistic revival. The primary sessions are in a small, intimate group setting (10-12 participants maximum Jamaica and 20 maximum Costa Rica) with certified therapists and guides to assist in your journey and intentions. The experience begins as a blindfolded session for several hours depending on dosage. Leaving the group space is not allowed until all participants have returned from the intense part of the experience for safety and staffing purposes. All participants are screened for medical conditions, medications, and reasons for attending, so not all applications are approved for safety reasons. Private meetings with your facilitator are scheduled and arranged both before, during, and after your visit to maximize the efficiency of the session. Participants are encouraged to attend group socials and have the opportunity to speak to those who have had their experience, that are willing to open up and share their transformations.


Meet The Team

Are you interested in
Experiential Training for Therapists and Sitters?

The Blue Portal is now offering specialized retreats exclusively designed for Therapists, Mental Health Practitioners, Facilitators and Sitters in the Psychedelic arena of care and treatment of specific conditions. Join lead Therapist and instructor Irene Dubin to complete your training needed to fulfill the growing demand for businesses and healing centers world-wide looking for qualified individuals with not only theoretical training, but the unique personal experience of psychedelics with the self, individuals, and in group settings.


Small Scale and Commercial Cultivation Classes

By Tradd Cotter - Online and in Person

Learn everything you need from one of the best cultivators in the world, best selling author Tradd Cotter teaches these in-depth classes and workshops that cover step-by-step procedures for cultivating therapeutic mushrooms for personal use at home. 


Commercial and Master Classes are also available in Colorado, Oregon, Jamaica, and Costa Rica that are for professional growers looking to become suppliers for the emerging therapy market world-wide.

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